Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Christians on Facebook Piss me Off

Well, it was bound to happen:  the Sunday Morning Christians have officially invaded my Facebook page.  This morning I logged on to see not one or two, but five status updates about going to church or loving God.  Which is absolutely cool--I love God too!--but I love him on days that don't begin with S-U-N as well.  Upon closer inspection into the pages of the five people listed above, only two of them actually mention God or church throughout the week.  

We've all encountered the Sunday Morning Christian, but it really irritates me that they've infiltrated Facebook, too.  So I called them all out with a status of my own (which you can see pictured below).  And you know, not one of those people defended themselves to me.  I did, however, receive one comment that holds more truth than the empty words of fake Christians:  "'Public Christian'= the ones who make sure you know damned well their a Christian with their words...all the time.  The real believers can be seen through action."
How incredibly true is this statement?  Sunday Morning Christians give the rest of Christianity a bad name.  It isn't enough to acknowledge a love for God just on Sunday mornings, we've got to acknowledge and love God ALL the time.  If there's one thing God disapproves of, it's a lukewarm, half Christian (Revelation 3:15-16).  
How about you--do you ever encounter Sunday Morning Christians on Facebook?  And if so, do you say anything to them or just let it be?

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