Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Girls = Insta-Creepy

What do you get when you take a little girl, brush her hair into her face, give her a naked baby doll, and make her stand in the middle of a deserted hallway?  Apparently, one horrific scenario.  Recently, a Spanish news program did just that, and recorded the responses of the people who encountered the little girl.

Typically, you would want to help the poor, little abandoned girl in the hallway.  Most people, however, thought, "Screw you, little creeper!" and ran in the opposite direction.
The video above contains footage of the creepy little girl, and I won't lie, it's hilarious.  My favorite moment is when a woman so terrified of the little girl begins shrieking at the top of her lungs and ends up frightening the little girl. 
I can't blame the people in the video for reacting the way they did, because I'm not so sure I'd react any differently.  I mean, come on, what would you do if you met Samara in a deserted hallway and had nothing to protect yourself with?

(Note:  To bypass the Spanish dialogue, begin the video at approximately 30 seconds.)


  1. I think that last lady scared the crap out of that poor little girl... did you see that kid jump? LOL! (AsAlwaysAngela on SB).

  2. hahahahahahahhahaahha They had this the same in Korea too lol and some guy in the end hit the girl but she was older lol, he hit her to check if she was a ghost!! Lol joke gone badddd lol! Oh Im following you on my twitter!! My other one doesnt work for some reason TT^TT! Ichigoshortcake from swapbot! xxxxx