Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rantings From a Considerate Smoker

You know, smokers get hated on a lot.  For the most part, I can see why.  A lot of people who smoke tend to be rude and inconsiderate with their cigarettes.  Then there are smokers like me, who smoke, but don't want the entire world to know that fact.  I smoke about a pack of Camel 99 full-flavored cigs every three days, so I average about seven cigs a day.  Here is a list of things I do to stay considerate of the non-smokers around me:

  • I only smoke in designated areas.  Whether it's work or school, I only smoke in areas where I'm permitted.  That's not to say that I won't finish a smoke on my way into work every now and then, but I make a conscious effort to put my cigarette out if there are people around.  I myself hate the smell of second hand smoke, so I understand the reasons for why other people do, too.
  • I don't smoke around people who are eating.  To me, this just screams rudeness.  Nothing is worse than chowing down on some yummylicious food only to get a mouthful of second-hand tar.  If I feel the dire need to smoke directly after a meal, I politely excuse myself, and head to my car.  It's as simple as that.
  • I only smoke around other people who smoke.  My family doesn't approve of my smoking habits, so when I'm with them, I just refrain from smoking.  Likewise, if I'm hanging out with friends who don't smoke, I can chill out for a few hours without needing one.
  • I try not to litter.  Now, I'm not perfect with this one yet, but I'm getting there.  85% of the time, I refrain from tossing my cigarette butt out the window and instead place it inside my car ashtray.  On the same note, I try to avoid throwing my butts on the ground when an urn is normally right at my disposal.
I am in no way condoning smoking cigarettes, I'm just tired of being looked down upon simply because I smoke.  When, in fact, I take extra precautions to ensure that I don't offend the non-smoking population.  So, please, leave me be and let me smoke my stogie in peace.

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