Sunday, February 27, 2011

Go to Mickie D's and Get Stabbed in the Face

On Wednesday night at approximately 7:30, an argument erupted inside a McDonald's (pictured above) but was forced out in to the street.  Once outside, an unidentified man ruthlessly stabbed a sixteen year old girl in the face and arm.  According to witnesses, the knife used to attack the girl was long and curved (sounds like a sword or machete to me).  The assailant quickly fled the scene while those around rushed to aid the girl.

According to New York Daily News, the girl--who's name has not been released--suffered blows so bad that her right hand was nearly severed.  Witnesses recall that the victim was very disoriented and repeatedly asked, "Am I going to die from this?  I feel dizzy."  She was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, and at last report, she was in a stable condition.
Authorities have yet to make an arrest in this case, although they are convinced the victim and attacker knew each other.  Lover's quarrel over Chicken Nuggets or a Big Mac, perhaps?

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