Sunday, February 27, 2011

Twitter Helps Homeless Man Reunite With Daughter

After eleven years of not seeing or talking to each other, a homeless man and his daughter were reunited through, of all things, Twitter.  Daniel Morales, a 58 year old man from New York City, was given a pre-paid cell phone and instructions to "Tweet" his life.

Within just a few short weeks, Dan gained over 4,000 followers.  On Wednesday, February 23, he sent out the following tweet: "Hi thi is to let yo people know that in lookin eoq my daughter her name is sarah m rivera."
Within a day,  Sarah Rivera contacted Morales and the two of them reunited on Friday at Bryant Park in New York City.  Morales also got to meet his grandchildren on that day.  

So once again, Social networking sites have proven to drastically alter the lives of people.  Have you ever reconnected with someone after not talking to them in years on Facebook or Twitter?

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