Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Action Figure With Balls

Everyone knows that manliness is far superior than being a pansy, and now, manly men can even enjoy an anatomically correct action figure.  Emil Vicale, a toymaker for Herobuilders, created an action figure based on characters he saw in television commercials.  His inspiration for the action figure who is fully there below the belt?  The Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa (pictured below).

Vicale expressed his distaste for all the sensitivity surrounding men these days, which is what fueled his creation of this action figure.  "I didn't skimp in the anatomy department with the Old Spice Guy," said Vicale,"You can see him flaccid.  You can see him erect."

Also inspired by television commercial stars are Dos Esqui', The Most Interesting Man in the World, and Mayhem, who is the accident prone spokesman for Allstate Insurance--although neither of them sport penises.  Each of these action figures retails for around $50 each, and can be purchased from the Herobuilders site.

I know these action figures are intended to be silly parody toys, but they offer a nice example of what an action figure should really look like.  Come on, have you seen the Ken doll recently?  If not, he's pictured below.  I would rather play with The Old Spice Guy than a "Fashionista" any day of the week, just saying.

To read the full story, please visit this link.


  1. Awesome, love it!

    It's Scamp from Swapbot here, following you through the Blog Followers #2 swap.

  2. Nice!

    It's tamtamlee from Swapbot here, following you through the Blog Followers #2 swap.

  3. I would totally buy the Dos Equis guy! I love those commercials... they make me want to be him! Lol. (AsAlwaysAngela on SB).

  4. Honestly who cares haha!!! Blackbird 4 from sb

  5. took me a minute to figure out that 1st doll is ARNOLD S. ahhhh... Where's the Harrison Ford doll? I'll take one of those & a George Clooney! :) leecytx from swap-bot