Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Love Swap-Bot Because...

I know you're going to ask what the hell Swap-Bot even is, so let me quickly explain.  Essentially, Swap-Bot is a pen pal website that specializes in crafting swaps.  Users create swaps that their peers can join with a sign-up deadlineand a swap deadline.  The sign-up deadline is the date you have to sign up by and the swap deadline is the date the item must be sent out by.  Each and every partner gives you a rating for the swaps you send them.  (If you'd like to learn more about this site, please visit Swap-Bot).  Anyway, sometime in the past few months I've been swapping I feel in love with it.  There are so many reasons to love Swap-Bot, but these are my top three:

I get to make/receive awesome shit.  I could explain to you in a few sentences about all the awesome shit I've gotten/made.  But instead, I'm just going to show you two pictures that highlight the best of what I've made and the best of what I've received.  Also, I mainly swap for Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) which is what the following two pictures are of.
What I've Made:
What I've Received:
You can create/join a swap for virtually anything.  The diversity around the site is wonderful.  Each swap is user created so there really isn't a limit to what kinds of swaps there are.  I love logging on each day to see what new and exciting swaps have been created since my last visit.  I'm currently in a Rocky Horror Picture Show Swap, Harry Potter Swap, and Dr. Suess Swap just to name a few.  In the past, I've participated in a Dexter Swap, Post Secret Swap, etc.  They're a blast to join and so much fun to create.

It brightens my day.  I no longer live with my parents, although I still have my mail delivered to my dad's house.  I only get to check my mail about once a week, but it always brightens my day when I do because I normally have between 5-10 pieces of mail to open.  
I wouldn't give up the amazing and beautiful works of art I've received for anything in the world.  I don't know what else to say about the site other than it's awesome!  If you love getting mail then you should definitely check out Swap-Bot.  It's worth it; I swear.

This is a picture of the Assemblage Shrine I made.  My swap partner said she loved zombies, so I created a Zombie House for her.  Complete with dolls.


  1. Swap-bot is the most awesomest thing EVER! I am sooooo addicted to it! This month is my 1yr anniversary on it! leecytx from swap-bot

  2. I so agree, Swap-Bot has fun for just about anyone. Look, I made a lame rhyme, lol!

    Phoerauf from Swap-Bot

  3. I love Swap-bot! I started out trading ATCs, and have just discovered chunky row houses. I've also been doing some book club type swaps which have been fun.
    Amy528 on SB