Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover, And I Love it!

I'm sure you've heard the recent news that NBC is creating a show called Wonder Woman--and if you haven't heard, you just did.  I'm not here to talk about the show, though.  Oh no, I'm here to give the creators of the show the respect they deserve for updating the costume of Wonder Woman.

For those of you who are unaware of the what the old Wonder Woman costume looks like, it's pictured above.  Now, I don't know about Wonder Woman, but I'd find it kind of difficult to fight crime while wearing heels and a bathing suit.  Which must have been what the stylists over at NBC thought, because they decided to give the old Wonder Woman costume a bit of a makeover.
Check it out.  They managed to make the costume more practical for a crime fighting woman without taking away any of the sexy.  Among the changes made to the costume are:
  • The heelless boots
  • Pants rather than shorts
  • The pants aren't shiny
  • The stars running down the side of the pants
Kudos to the creators of NBC.  I'm greatly impressed with the modest yet sexy new style of Wonder Woman.

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