Thursday, April 28, 2011

Toking and Typing

Over the next few days, I'm going to be partaking in various activities while I'm high and while I'm sober.  The two challenges I've set up--one of which I completed today--are a typing test and Angry Birds.  Go ahead, laugh.  I just wanted to observe myself while doing things I love.  There's a website called and this is the site I used to track my typing progress. 

Last night, after taking a righteous toke, I sat down with my laptop and headed over to compete in some races.  I won't go into a ton of detail (mainly because there are pictures of my progress below).  I completed fifteen races during one sitting in order to get an accurate average.  My Words Per Minute (WPM) while stoned were 78.  I won 5 out of those races, and ranked within the 90th percentile of typists online--as shown in the two photos below.

The picture above shows my scored for all fifteen races.  As you can see, I maxed out at 89 WPM.

This picture explains my stats on the site.

Today, I completed yet another fifteen races--this time while sober.  This time, my WPM was 81.  Out of the fifteen races, I won eight of them and ranked 93.9% of all users on Type Racer.  You can see my sober results below.

Here are all of the races I completed, with 96 WPM being my highest score.

These are my averages.

As you can see, I am able to type four more words per minute while sober.  Although I had better scores while sober altogether, my accuracy was much better while I was stoned. This is probably because I was much more cautious and knew if I screwed up while typing a word, the whole race would be shot.
I know this is a pretty stupid thing to study, but I was bored, and these kinds of things tend to happen when I am bored.  I'm going to begin the Angry Birds challenge tonight.  What other activities do you guys think I should compare while stoned/sober?

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