Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Six Bathrooms I Love!

For some unknown reason, I can’t get enough of awesome looking bathroom designs.  So these are my 6 favorite bathroom designs:
Purple Haze—I can’t begin to express how much I love this design—it’s like art for my bathroom!  I’d probably start looking for excuses to spend time in my bathroom.
China Doll—This bathroom has just the right amount of quirkiness.  And imagine taking a bath in that tub!
Far Out, Man.—This is the epitome of what I consider to be ‘shabby chic’.  I love the layout of this bathroom; especially the full length window.  And how how fun is that toilet!?
Chrome-tastic—It’s chic and modern, what’s not to love?
Roxy Love—These two colors together are simply wonderful!
Beam Me Up, Scottie-Imagine stumbling into this bathroom while you’re drunk; you’d be halfway to the Moon in your new rocket ship before anyone realized you were missing.

So what about you, darlings?  Did you see anything you liked or did all of my choices absolutely suck?  Which was your favorite?  Any better ideas for bathroom designs?

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