Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tips for Loving the Woman You Are

I’m so glad you’re here reading this blog about how to love yourself.  First off, I want you to know how beautiful and lovely I know you are.  In this post I’m going to give all you strong, independent, wonderful women a few tips on loving yourself.  I hope you enjoy reading and remember:  love is immortality, my darlings.

Celebrate and compliment your beauty—Girls love being told that they’re pretty, so why don’t you tell yourself how beautiful you are every once in a while?  You deserve to know how wonderful you are, and what better person to hear it from than yourself?

Treat Yourself—Do something for you, and only you.  How about a spa day?  Or maybe a day spent on the couch watching Pretty Little Liars and eating a carton of ice cream?  Revel in your femininity and celebrate yourself for being a woman.

Wear Cute Panties—Don’t laugh.  You should never underestimate the power of a cute and colorful thong.  I’m not saying that it’s going to monumentally alter the way you feel about yourself, but wearing cute panties is guaranteed to make your day better every time you pull your pants down and see them.

Leave the Bitches and Assholes Behind—It’s time to clean out your friend’s list on Facebook and get rid of all your negative friends.  You know the ones I’m talking about, too.  Friends who weigh you down and make you feel shitty for no reason other than the fact that misery loves company.  And misery may love company, but she most certainly does need deserve the company of such a beautiful woman like you.

Volunteer—Get involved in something larger and more important than yourself.  You’ll feel awesome about helping another person, and when you show love to others it enables you to love yourself.

Stop Dogging Yourself—The self-criticism has seriously got to stop.  People fuck up, it’s a fact of life.  It’s your responsibility to acknowledge your faults and attempt to fix them, not to make yourself feel like a piece of dirt on the ground.

Praise Yourself—Positive reinforcement works.  Tell yourself that you’re proud of who you are, and that you are so unbelievably happy to be yourself.  Treat yourself like you are your own best friend.

Take Care of Your Body—You have only been given one body, so you better learn to love the one you’ve got.  Men don’t pick themselves apart when it comes to looks, so why should we?  You need to eat healthy, never skip meals, and drink lots of water.  Your body is a temple, so you should start respecting it.

Feed Your Soul—Enrich yourself with the world around you.  When you attempt to absorb all the beauty and wonder around you, you can’t help but be wrapped in it. 

Look in the Mirror—Stare into your own eyes frequently, and while you’re doing this, profess your new found love to yourself.  Forgive the people who have hurt you, and most importantly, forgive yourself for hurting you.  Repeat these words at least once a day while looking into a mirror: “I love you for exactly who you are.”

Love Yourself—No more waiting around, it’s time for you to do it.  Don’t wait until you feel better or until you’ve lost the weight or until you’ve run out of excuses for not loving yourself.  It’s time to become a big girl, and in order to do that you must love the woman you are.

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