Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fat, Ugly, or Slutty?

To all the girl gamers out reading, this post is for you.  Are you fed up with your opponent constantly trying to get you to cyber while playing a game?  Or maybe that jerk wad is asking you to flash him some boobage or maybe a little full frontal nakedness.  And once you tell him to get lost, that's when the expletives start being thrown around.  Well, never fear, two women gamers have created a website specifically designed with you in mind. is a website created for the gamer woman so that she can post all those rude, nasty, and downright mean messages sent to her when she refuses to give up the e-goodies.  Some of my favorite comments include "go in the kitchen and stop gaming its for men not for pussys", "i hope you get rape tonight", and "ur sexy just like ur avatar i bet".
It sounds funny, and admittedly, it is.  But seriously guys, stop sexually harassing female gamers--even though I know none of you intelligent men reading would ever think of harassing a female gamer.  But if by some small chance you find it okay to harass female gamers for cyber sex, just remember that you're the pathetic one who can't get laid for real.

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